Hi Everyone. I have been very busy in the last few months as I have doing some mobile application development stuffs. I have studied iOS and Android as I am really curious of it and I want to earn an income through it. After a month of studying I have been hired by a company as an Iphone Application Developer. The income it provided was good but soon I realized it's not enough for my growing needs so I ventured into freelancing.
      As a newbie my first project about 3-4 months of development and with that period, frustration and doubts kicked in. "Do I really have the skills to be good at this?", "Can I really finish 1 application at this pace?". These are two of my questions as problems on the app keep piling, but as the time the application was uploaded on the AppStore my confidence rose up and the freelance projects are pouring in like a rain.
      I can't believe it a few months ago I was doubting myself if I really have the skills to be good at this but now I am really confident I can earn online income through this. I already experienced being swindled by clients where I worked for many hours and not get paid but I never got discourage as I know this kind of events will eventually happens. Earning online income as a freelance Mobile Application Developer will be hard at first but if you enjoy doing hard things and strive to be successful then you will have a really nice ride as I am experiencing right now.......
       OHHHHH YEAH... Project keep on coming, Cash keep on pouring.....

  1. comprehend December 28, 2011 at 4:11 PM  

    Go for Android then... its mass market opened many opportunities.

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  2. Jay-R January 2, 2012 at 8:27 PM  

    Yes, Android is also a good platform when it comes to earning through freelance projects and the studies showed that Android will be leading in the mobile technology in the years to come but right now iOS is still the leader. Basing on my experience for couple of months now iOS projects present more income to me. :D

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