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Posted by Jay-R | 7:32 PM

A year ago I remember I was signing up for programs and services all over the net which gives you freebies. After signing up I didn't even lift a single finger to earn the stuff that I choose as a freeby. The result I got nothing.

Yesterday when I was watching videos at youtube I came accross to a video on the  stuff he got from one the progams I sugned up and that is xPango.
Here is the video of it.

xPango is a site offers free gifts, but it is really not free it is like a GPT(Get Pait To) sites but instead of paying you money they will give stuffs ranging from iPod,iPhone,Gaming Consoles to TV's. The first that came into my mind when I here that it is free gifts I was skeptical but when I read the instruction on to earn that free stuff my questions are answered.

xPango works as affiliate website where the merchant pays them if the xPango's member used the merchant's product or services. The mechanics would be to get a stuff you must acquire the required credits for such item. Credits are acquired after you have completed an offer. You can also gain credit if you have a referral, if your referral finished an offer you will also gets a credit for it. For Instance if you want Sony PS3 Gaming Console which requires 80 credits and completing a single offer would give you 8 credits so you must finish 8 offers but you casn also get that 80 credits without finishing the entire 8 offers if you have many referrals.

Some of the offers are free and some are not so in this way you are really not given with a free stuff. SO how would xPango earn from this? They are paid by the advertisers a fix amount so if you finished 8 offers and every offer the advertisers paid xPango S75 each so xPango got $600 then they gave you the PS3 which cost $350. They still gain $250 for that transaction, so it's a win-win situation for both of the xPango and it's members.

It is really a great site and now I know how it works I must start activating my account again. You could join us in this venture. You can sign-up with xPango with this right now and start to earn credits.

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