This will serve as my introductory article about how to earn money(whether it is small or an ample amount) through online or in the web. First I will discuss to you how you can earn by applying hard work, this is not get-rich-quick type of income generating method. Maybe you can earn a little by doing this but 'hey' it is better than nothing. Right? So let's get started.

To proceed you need to have:
Tools/ I called this Preparatory Tools
**Credit Card
**Open FREE Internet banking accounts to receive payment/paypal
**Email Addresses
**Reliable and Fast Internet Connection

And then after that you can start earning money on the web.
There are different ways to earn money online. In this article I will only discuss the 3 most popular way in grabbing some bucks from the internet.

1.Investing your money on some programs on the internet
In this method the risk will be higher as you might lose your investment but the potential earning here also is higher. If your are a risk-taker this should be the one to consider.

High yield investment programs (HYIP) have high ROI(Return Of Investment) but also present high risk and of limited duration. Get in early with a sum you can afford to lose and earn 25% everyday for a few days or 5% daily for a few weeks/months. Most use 'e-currency' so you will need to open free accounts here... To help in deciding which programs to invest in and when to pull out I have kept the statistics of several sites that have closed. This is a very volatile market but can be very profitable and exciting. A more detailed description is here.

A valid example for this is playing the Foreign Exchange markets. A very volatile area where returns can be huge.

2.Join to a program where you can earn money for FREE.
In this method you can't get rich or earn millions with it but you can add some extra earnings to you bank account and have the financial flexibility to pay for your household expenses.
Here are the programs I am talking about:

**Pay to Click (PTC) sites pay you a cent or less to click on advertisments for a certain amount of time. These sites are open 24/7. It may not sound much but it adds up while only a little time is required each day.
-The following Bux sites are reliable and have $2 to $10 minimum payouts:- Neobux ,
BuxP and
-DonkeyMails still popular after years online - the classic 'paid mail' and PTC program.
-ClixSense is another program that pays 1cent a click.

**MyLot is a great program for people who like to chat and earn a few cents a day at the same time! The range of subjects is enormous and from all over the world. Upload pictures from your computer, list your passions and other features. But beware - this program can become infectious!! Payment is by PayPal so you will need to get a free PayPal account . I have been paid 19 times by MyLot - here is June and July

**Bukisa will pay you for submitting short articles on a wide variety of subjects. This site is aimed at the more knowledgeable surfer who has the expertise to pass on their experience in good English. Pay is based on 1000 views of your articles at a rate that varies with the site income. At the moment this is between $3 and $4 CPM. Payout minimum is $10. Here is a tutorial on how to submit content and here is an example of an article on web site stats . Here is proof of payment to me.

**GetPaidTo join programs! Sign up for any of the 1550 free cash offers available and get paid instantly through Paypal. For instance, join Ebay and get $7 (so long as you are not already a member). Low minimum payout of $0.50 which you can earn in minutes with a daily survey. Free to join. Open only to USA, Canada and UK residents, like a lot of these GPT programs. Most offers are free but some require a purchase which are clearly marked. Please be truthful when joining and giving information and best to use a dedicated email address as you will get many replies.
Go here to see the payment process and proof of payment to my PayPal account
And here are some tips on how to do offers and set up your PC to earn with GPT programs.

**PayByOffers is a new site from the same stable as GetPaidTo above but is open to members from many more countries and they are adding new countries all the time. You can earn money and win prizes here very quickly as well. Screengrab of my requst for payment - 37 minutes later it is in my Paypal account!

Here is a tutorial on how to make a valid search . It will take longer than the 40 seconds shown to finish loading three pages but if the advertiser doesn't get paid, you wont get the links in the future.

3. Earn Money On Websites/Bogs
The potential for this method is high but the risk of losing your invest is low as this kind of method requires only a small amount money in setting up the website/blog. For those who wants to start in this kind of method but don't have any any money, you can start by doing it free. Yes you read it right. You can do it for FREE. There are services offered by some websites or serch engines for free like the blogger of google where you can start blogging for free, there are also web hosting company that offers free hosting for a year and you can register your domain for free like the domain. After creating the website/blog,you can earn through the ads displayed on your website/blog. But that's not the whole story of it if you want to learn more on how to earn through website/blog follow me in my next articles.

These are some ways to earn online but there are also other methods that I didn't discuss where also earn money online. Hardwork and patience is needed to earn money online and I wolud suggest that you should be eager to learn new techniques because this will help you achieve your goal.

BEWARE: There are many PTC scams online so be careful.

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