This past few weeks I was trying to found out ways on how to earn from my blog/website, I searched from ebooks to forums,discussion boards and reading articles from other blogs. Then I listed all the information that I got so that I can apply it to my website/blog and also to share it with you who came here to learn new things about earning through the use of information in the internet.

There several methods on how to earn money using the website/blog. Here are some of it:

1. Pay-Per-Click(PPC) is one of the most common way for a website earn money. This method basically means you sign up for a certain PPC program then you put some snippet into your wbesite. This snippets will display the corresponding ads into your website which fits the topic/niche your website have. In this method your earnings will be affected by the traffic brought to your website and most importantly with the CTR(Click Through Rate) and the CPC (Cost Per Click). CTR is the rate of how many times your ads will be clicked by your website visitor and the CPC is the price of the ads displayed on the website for instance the ads for keyword diamonds,insurance,auto insurance and others have higher CPC compared to other keywords about technology some CPC may ranged from couple of cents to couple of dollars. The CTR is also affected with the source of traffic, if the source of trafic is Organic(traffic coming from search engine) has higher tendency that the visitor will cick on the ads while visitors coming from social media will tend to ignore the ads.

There are the most common PPC network:
    *Google AdSense
    *Yahoo Publisher Network
    *ABC Search
    *Search Feed
    *Miva MC

2. Banner Advertising
This is another way to monetize your website. Selling the adspace proves to be a lucrative way to earn using the website because it will cut out the middleman commissions and to determine your own rates. The most popular banner formats on the web are the 728×90 leaderboard, the 120×600 skyscraper, the 300×250 rectangle and the 125×125 button.  

There are the most common Banner Avertising Network:
3.Text Link Advertisements
One can sell text links directly through his website or use specialized networks to automate the process.
These are some of the networks:

    * Text-Link-Ads
    * DigitalPoint Link Sales Forum
    * Text-Link-Brokers
    * TNX
    * LinkWorth
    *Live Customer
    *Vibrant Media
4. CPM Advertising Networks

CPM advertising networks is like PPC networks, except that the website owner gets paid according to the number of impressions that the ads displayed on your site will generate. CPM (Cost per Mille) is the cost for every one thousand impressions.

A blog/website that generates 100,000 page impressions monthly displaying an advertising banner that has a cost $1 per 1 CPM, therefore, will earn $100 monthly.

The rate for CPM varies for each networks and there are also various things that affect it's rate such as the positioning and size of the ads. The better the position for it to be on your website the higher the rate and if the ads are bigger it will also genrate bigger revenue.

List of popular CPM advertising networks:

    * Casale Media
    * Burst Media
    * Value Click
    * Tribal Fusion
    * Right Media

5. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a very popular way to earn in the internet. This system uses a commission-per-sale way of earning. A merchant let the website (the affiliate website) sell directly or indirectly its products and services, in exchange for a commission. This type of advertising is also called CPA (cost per action) or CPL (cost per lead) based.

Affiliates can send potential customers to the merchant using several tools, from banners to text links and product reviews. The drawback for this is that if the visitor doesn't buy anything you'll get nothing even though you have a high traffic it doesn't guarantee that you will earn.

In order to find suitable affiliate programs you can turn to individual companies and publishers like Dreamhost and SEOBook, or join affiliate marketplaces and networks.

There are among the affiliate marketplaces and networks:

    * Commission Junction
    * ClickBank
    * Azoogle Ads
    * Link Share
    *Azoogle Ads
6. Sponsored Reviews

PayPerPost pioneered this method. You can write articles on a topic required by the advertisers containing some keywords or link that benefits the advertisers and the through this you will be paid.

List of sponsored reviews and paid blogging networks:

    * PayPerPost
    * Sponsored Reviews
    * ReviewMe
    * BlogVertise
    * Smorty

7. Job Boards
In order to create an active and profitable job board you need first to have a blog focused on a specific niche, and a decent amount traffic.

The advantage of this method is that it is passive. Once you have the structure in place, the job listings will come naturally, and you can charge anywhere from $10 up to $100 for each.
List of popular job board software:

    * JobThread
    * Web Scribe Job Board
    * SimplyHired Job-o-matic
    * Jobbex
8. Paid Reviews.
In this method the blogger will put reviews on products or services by a certain merchant and they got paid for the reviews. It is not much but a dollar is still a dollar. Right?

9. Donations.
This is very common to new websites and blogs. The opwner will ask for donation so that they can continue financing the needs of the website like the domain hosting fees and others.

10.Selling your Website
You can earn through selling your website, if your site already has a solid traffic coming in you can sell it for higher price. I am not into this method because why would I sell my site for a one time money if you can earn through it passively?

There you go folks. Those are the most common ways to earn through your website. Hope you learn something in it. If you have other methods in mind please comment it here so that we can update the list.

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