If you want to build your own website for the purpose of earning money online or for other reasons you came to the right place.
So How to build a website?
In building your own website you must follow this steps:

Planning. In this stage you must know what your website will contain and what it is all about. After deciding what your website will contain then it is time to plan what will your website looks like. In this stage you can go see some of the website available in the internet and learn from it to conceptualize what you really wants. Planning include deciding how musch you are willing to spend for your website. This should be done carefully as one of the reasons that some website failed is that the website owner didn't plan to fail to they FAILED to PLAN.

Choosing your Domain Name. Choose your Domain Name carefully, it should be as short as posible where the visitors/surfers can easily remember and it should be related to the topic of the website.

Choosing the Web Host. This is also crucial in building your website as this will determine how musch space your site can have and how much bandwidth your website can handle.

Tips: Some Web Hosting Comapny Offers free Domain Registration.

Creating the Website.
Design the Website's look using HTML/CSS. If you are confident enough that you know this two languages then go ahead and create the website but if you don't know how to design it you can buy some Website template online or you can contact Website Designer to it in a freelance basis.
After Designing the website you must add the functionality for it. How the website would interact with the user/visitors. This can be done by server-side scripting or by client-side scripting. You can do the scripting yourself or can again hire a freelancer. It is your choice depending on your skill and the budget you have for your website.

Uploading the Website to the Web Host Server. Every web host has its own way of uploading their client's website to their server. So there is no specific way to do it, you must contact you web host to provide you information on how to do it.

POOFFF!!! Your website is now up and running.

If you intend to earn from it, you should not stop there. You should do some SEO(Search Engine Optimization) and market your website. I'll discuss how to make some SEO and how to market your website later so stay tuned folks.

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