Posted by Jay-R | 1:03 PM

         What is a BLOG? According to google 'blog' is short for 'weblog', a frequently updated publication of comments and thoughts on the web. Usually it is reflecting the views of the blog's creator. It is like an online diary. Blogs consist of text and images and are sorted by date. The newest information is on the top and there is an archive of the old one. People create blogs to share their thoughts with the world. A person writing in the journal is called a 'blogger'. Bloggers write about different topics: from the typical daily situations to the progress of some scientific researches. The readers also can leave comments and thus make the whole blog more interesting and useful.

Here's How:

  1. Choosing the blogging software to use. There two main blogging software available which are free and that is blogger and wordpress. You can choose between this two and decide which you prefer most.
  2. Register for an account in the choosen software you have done in step 1 and create your blog.This are the step-by-step manual you can follow to create a blog in blogger or wordpress.
  1. Select Your Domain, Theme and Other Options.During the registration process for your new blog account, you  have to choose a domain name and blog theme. You also might want to take a few minutes before you actually start blogging to customize some of the other preferences for your blog that your blogging software allows you to modify such as the author name, comment moderation process, and so on. However, you're not required to do any customization before you start publishing blog posts. Another thing also is that you can customize the them, you can upload your own theme to the blogging software.
  2. Start blogging.  Once you've completed steps 1-3, you're ready to join the blogosphere and start publishing content on your blog. There are many more ways you can customize your blog with plug-ins, feeds, blogrolls, and more gadgets, but these four easy steps are all you need to follow in order to start a simple blog.
      In the next few articles I will also show some hacks/customization techniques in the blog themes and how to market your blog. I am not a guru and I am still learning also but I just want to share some information that I think can help you to avoid some of the unfortunate things that can happen to you when blogging.