Are you one of those individuals who wants to watch movies about crime,justice and upholding the law? Well you may be one of those who might qualify to be an online mock juror. This is one cool way to earn money online. You can learn the law by just participating in this activity and you can also earn from $10-$100 per case depending on the length of the case you are participating.

      Your duty is to provide evaluation and feedback on the case through the resources/highlights provided by the attorneys, and this feedback will be used by the attorneys to decide what to do(accepting the case if they haven't decided yet) or what to change in their tactics in handling the case.
      Isn't it great? You'll experience the excitement of having the outcome of a case affected by your opinion(but it's only a virtual and not the real case). This is worth checking out for it promotes awareness on the law while earning money online.
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