Selling Stuff Online: eBay

Posted by Jay-R | 8:35 PM

Do you have stuffs at home that you don't need and it is still in good condition? Then you can earn through it by selling it on eBay. eBay is like an online market where people sells and buy stuffs they need ranging from the ordinary to the most unique items, it is considered as the world's largest garage sale.
The concept for this one is very simple. You sell stuff and when someone buys it you ship it to the buyer's location and then you will have your payment through paypal. If you are a beginner I suggest you must get the feel of how eBay works by buying items on eBay and then learn from that experience. Then you can think of item listings that you can sell on eBay, be sure that if you include a certain item in your list it is available in your place or it is in your position. Then take pictures of the items so that you can post it on eBay and the shoppers can see the item, just be sure it is the item's picture and not fraud copy of pictures from the net.
In selling your items there are two ways:

  1. Auction: These are done to a not-ordinary item and the seller is not so sure of what the price is.
  2. Buy it now. The item has fixed price.
After the shopper has choosen an item be sure to send it on time and shipped it carefully so that it will not be damaged. By doing this the shoppers can leave a feedback of you as a good seller. If you have good reputation it will help you in this line of business/work.

Hope this helps. Happy Selling.