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       In a few months of blogging and researching for topics and ways to earn money online I have acquired some valuable information coming from different sources. One of the valuable information I learned is that "NOT all people trying to earn money online succeed!". There are various factors that makes a person's internet venture a failure and here are some of the main reasons:

  1. Negativity. Oftentimes people would say that Online Money Making is a hard work and you will never achieve your goal with it. For me, HARD WORK is sitting on a chair doing your 8 hour a day work which you don't like and trying to survive from corporate politics. HARD WORK is sweating your ass off for you employer while they are playing golf! That is hard work. Internet business/job is not hard but it really needs you to work and exert your time and effort. Being so pesimistic event hough you didn't even tried it will not help you grow in any of the ventures you might think of. I never heard of any prominent and successful individual which is pesimistic. Change your outlook in your life first so that success can come to your life, it is also the same with internet money making.
  2. Misconception. The idea of Get-Rich-Quick/Earn-Money-Fast is of the mindset of those who are trying to avoid doing the real internet work and almost always leads them to be scammed. If you adopted this kind of mindset you will never succeed online, earning online income is a long process that will need your time and effort. Patience is a virtue, add in also perseverance and you will be successful.
  3. Lack Of Planning. Most of those people who failed online is the one that don't have a plan on what to do and directly get into action. Action is good but Action without plan is dumb. Planning is one of the longest process in building a web business and one of the most essential part.
  4. Lack Of Focus. Sometimes people tried to do so much that they doesn't have the time to properly do each one of them. If you want to do something so broad break it down to chunks and focus on each chunk one at a time. Losing focus will lead to disaster as this will lead you to the wrong way and may cause you to lose your interest in whatever you do.
  5. Laziness. Almost all of the people who failed never put to action whatever they learned. Too much Information and No Action. Even the most brilliant internet idea will never EVER earn if it is not put into action which will  require you put in the neccesary work which by the way is not HARD.
  6. Lack of Dedication and Perseverance. As the saying goes the Quitter never Wins and the Winner never Quits. Almost all internet ventures and business models never started off as what the owner has planned, those who faced the difficulties and still strived harder and never quitted are those that we can see at the top of the internet budsiness right now. Success needs didication and perseverance.
  7. Afraid To Push The Limit. Those who are contented with what they know never really grows in this kind of business/work. Those who just study what they want to learn will not fully materialize their potential. So NEVER STOP learning. Learn the things you found to be difficult and master it, push yourself to be better. Competition is everywhere so you must be ahead from your competitors to be successful.

       Those are the most common factors that will make people fail online. So please don't join those people. Start now! If you have those qualities, change it now,QUICK. the internet world will never wait for you.

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